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    Add new SNMP template?


      Good day to all the Thwack community.


      Working on a requirement to forward alerts from Solarwinds into a secondary application - in this case IBM Tivoli Netcool - via SNMP traps.

      Our IBM people have developed a custom trap template.  Call it netcool.trap  .

      Looking to add that as a trap template.  Desired end state: when in Manage Alerts >> Edit Alert >> Configure Action: Send SNMP Trap - need to have that template available as a Trap Template.

      I've added the .trap file to the main polling server in c:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds\Orion and also under \Common .  Simply adding the template file to the folder does not make the template available.

      I've poked around the Settings menus and I don't see any options to import trap templates.  Trap View does not seem to have any options to add a trap template.

      Can someone advise the correct process to add an SNMP Trap Template to Solarwinds?  Thanks in advance for any response.

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          Hi Rob,

          I have used the following resource to help understand all things netcool, alerts and traps Integrating SolarWinds with Netcool

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            Thanks for your response - very helpful.

            It looks like the correct location for trap template files is:

            c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion

            We have one Solarwinds polling server/web server and one alternate polling server in the environment.  As it turns out the team member working on the custom snmp trap copied the file to the correct location but on the alternate polling server.

            I finally figured out that the trap file was not on the main polling/web server.  Copied the file there and the new file started showing up in the drop down for SNMP template.

            I was looking for some kind of import/config routine to add an snmp template or - eeek - add directly to a SQL table.

            It looks like you just add the trap file to the correct folder and the alert action configure routine reads all files with correct extension from the configured folder to populate the drop down.

            Again thanks much.  Marking as Answered.

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