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    "Last Boot has changed" alert to fire if server is not "muted"



      If we mute a server, and reboot it for maintenance, we do not get a ping down but the "last boot has changed" alert will fire. 

      What I'm trying to do is this...

      1) Not alert on "last boot" if the server is muted

      2) The new "last boot" time is used when the server is resumed so it won't alert unless the server is booted and it's not muted.


      My original thought process was to add swql logic to my last boot alert that checks to see if Orion.AlertSuppression has an entry for the "uri" in it, but I think once the server is resumed from muting the alert will fire.


      I can select which servers are muted by the following swql query:


          Nodes.Caption as [Caption],
          'Muted' as [Status]
          ,tostring(tolocal(SuppressFrom)) as [From]
          ,tostring(tolocal(SuppressUntil)) as [To]
      FROM Orion.AlertSuppression AlertSuppression

      join orion.nodes Nodes on AlertSuppression.entityuri=Nodes.uri
      ORDER BY Caption

      Has anyone been able to do what I'm needing? Or do I need to follow a different thought process on how to do this?