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    NTP Not Discovering All Connections in 7 switch network


      The drawing below is the result of a 7 IP address discovery, using SNMP.

      I've confirmed the SNMP v2 community string on all 7 switches.

      Can anyone tell me why the switch with the red cloud around it, doesn't have connections to the switches above, to the left of, and below it?

      I know they are physically there and CDP neighbor shows the switches there, but they don't show up on the map.

      The other interesting thing is when I look up the problem switch in Orion NPM and look at the Network side tab, I don't have a NPM Network Topology listing, showing the L2 and L3 connections, like I do for the other switches in the discovery.

      Any clue why? I feel like I'm missing something <hopefully> simple.

      Thanks for your help.