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    Connector Profile - FIM


      I was wondering if anyone ran into this same issue and if it is a bug. I am attempting to make a connector profile. For the most part works fine. However, I want to add FIM File and Folder, along with FIM Registry as two additional connectors to my custom connector profile. However, it will let me pick PCI, Windows, monitoring, HIPPA, etc... however, there is no save and it says at the bottom must be performed from the SEM Events console.


      Normally, an asset with an agent with out a connector profile, I would add the FIM capability through here. I tried to add FIM to the connector profile via the events console. However, I get an error saying this is not yet implemented. Is adding FIM to a connector profile not yet an option?

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          The workflow to add FIM connectors to a profile isn't as easy as it should be at the moment because we've migrated FIM to our new interface but Connector Profiles have yet to be migrated. It will be more straight forward once Connector Profiles are migrated.


          Configure an agent that isn't currently part of a profile with the required connectors (including FIM which has to be configured from the new interface). Then create a new Connector Profile and use that agent as a template:



          Once you have the profile created, you should be able to add other agents to that profile from the new interface: