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    Account Limitation or Alert Limitation?


      First off, I'm pretty new to Solarwinds Orion. I'm sure this is a pretty entry-level question.


      In a situation where Orion was used primarily for our Networking team but I've been given the directive to start on-boarding other teams for monitoring. I've been creating custom properties to help identify which nodes, interfaces, etc belong to the appropriate team owner. I would like various teams to be able to see all objects in an AppStack and do event correlation with objects that belong to other teams. For instance, if our Windows team reports slow performance on a VM, they will be able to see disk latency on the NAS which the Storage team owns.


      I'm challenged to decide if I should apply Account Limitations or Alert Limitations. Using the example above, if I have the Windows OS team limited to Windows OS nodes and the Storage team limited to Storage related objects, it sounds like I would be removing the ability for the Windows OS team to locate a root cause on the NAS if Account limitations are applied. Am I correct?


      Is there a better way I should be doing this?

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          You are correct that applying a lot of account limitations tends to silo people up and hinders their ability to work across teams.  Storage admin sends a link to windows admin and they can't check it out because they don't have permission to see that node.


          Usually what I do is leave most accounts with the ability to see any node at all, but i leverage the custom properties the same way you describe to organize everything and then build dashboards with view limitations where if a windows admin just wants to see their nodes they know which page to go to.  That way people can get focused in as much as they need while still not completely cutting them off from other systems.

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