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    Reporting on ALL user permissions for all child directories


      Hi Thwack community,


      I have used Solarwinds many times in the past but never ARM and have just installed a demo with the potential of my company purchasing this and wondered whether its actually possibly to get an entire scan report of a path including its directories?


      I have played around and am able to select one path and get a list of access for that but i really need the option for all child paths beneath that?


      This really would be a deal break. Thanks in advance!

        • Re: Reporting on ALL user permissions for all child directories

          When you run a "Who has access where?" report on a folder it will report on all child directories (if scanned properly).


          If not, you either have the level set differently:

          0 (Zero) would mean only the selected folder.


          And/Or have this (default) option active:

          I would NOT recommend deactivating this.

          What this does: if it only shows the selected path, then all permissions of the child directories are the same. If it shows more paths, then they have a different set of permissions.

          This is a quick way to see if something is different and makes the report way more readable - or do you want to check manually several (potentially hundreds) of pages if there's something different?