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    WHD - Parsing Email Tickets


      Our company made a large investment into WHD. Our sales guy had informed us that the ticket system will take emails and paste their contents into a ticket.


      What we have realized in multiple support calls, is that this feature is not supported. Here's the problem, if it takes a user 5 minutes to process a ticket, every 100 tickets we spent 8.33 hours simply processing, NOT resolving. That's a full day!


      We are now having to open the email on the ticket as an attachment, copy the contents to the ticket notes so the ticket is usable and anyone can follow up without opening entire chains of emails, 1 eml at a time.


      We are very disappointed that the WHD does not paste the contents of a ticket submitted by email into the ticket. The funny thing is, I spoke to our Sales guy yesterday and he said "Of course it can do that". The support call said "Everything in WHD is manual".


      Can I get an official answer on this? Does WHD support parsing the email contents of a ticket generated by email into the notes section of a ticket.


      We would simply switch to something like OTRS or Connectwise, but our investment at this point is high and hard to walk away from. We have a poor taste in our mouth of "bait and switch".


      Any help is appreciated.