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    Vendor Unknown when only using NCM




      I'm trying to create a compliance report using the cool Cisco Security Audit and other Cisco specific audits in the system however the policies are set to dynamically grab the hosts Where ((NCM_Nodes.Vendor = 'Cisco')). This would work fine but NCM has "discovered" these hosts as unknown, and I think that may be because we're doing NCM-only, with no SNMP to these devices. Is there a way I can bulk-force set these hundreds of devices' NCM_Nodes.Vendor = 'Cisco'? Or would it be easier to just change the node selection critera of each of these policies to choose the devices by a different criteria? I'd rather avoid the tedious edit, either way, if I can.




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          I think the best way is to use NPM and SNMP, if that is not an options, I would use one of these two options.

          Option 1:
          Create a custom property in NPM, say Manufacture, then select all the Cisco nodes in manage nodes, click the box next to custom property for Manufacture, and set to Cisco.
          Then update the dynamic query to search for this custom field value.
          Option 2:

          Create a Node Group in NCM, select all the Cisco nodes, click the box for Node Details, then Type in something like Cisco.
          Then update the dynamic query to search for the node group.


          Hope this helps.

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