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    SolarWinds NTA Upgrade from 4.2.2 to 4.6


      I am planning to upgrade our SolarWinds application.  Currently we have a 2012 windows server as the main Orion Platform and a second 2012 windows server used for NTA NetFlow Storage, and finally a SQL 2014 server.


      Our current versions are:  NCM 7.6, NPM 12.1, NTA 4.2.2, UDT 3.2.4


      And want to upgrade to:  NPM 12.5, NTA 4.6, NCM 8.0, UDT 3.4


      We plan to migrate the SQL database to 2016 SP2 and migrate the two windows servers to 2016.


      My question is, do we require a second windows server for NTA NetFlow Storage as this will now be stored in a SQL database?  I think this was originally set up this way due to NTA 4.2.2 requirements.