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    Group availability counts unmanaged for % calculation


      Hi all,


      I've seen this around in other posts but not in a direct way or even with a solution, if there is any.


      We use the availability report to get a weekly list of availability of our groups but it counts unmanaged as down, which doesn't make any sense in a report of this nature.


      Is there any way to overcome this? I've tried Group Availability, Group Member Availability and it's all the same...


      Has anyone out there produced any report like this that gives a real availability % of active nodes?


      Thank you

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          Wow. That seems like an oversight to me. I'd hit up Support to make sure that's not a bug and then if it isn't at least put in a feature request for it to change.


          So it looks like there's two percent availabilities, one for the group itself and one for the group members. If you just need the group itself then it should be fine to just use PercentAvailability, otherwise you may need to do something custom for PercentMembersAvailability for your report.


          My first thought is using a case statement and the Orion.ContainerMembers table (I'm doing this all through SWQL) to custom count it, there might be easier ways, but this is what came to mind first:


          SELECT cm.Container.Name,

          avg(case when status = 1 then 1 when status = 9 then 1 end) as [newavg]

          FROM Orion.ContainerMembers cm

          group by cm.Container.Name