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    Which wait types constitute "Memory/CPU"


      Can someone please tell me which SQL Server wait types constitute "Memory/CPU" in DPA? It's always the largest portion of my waits and I'm not sure specifically what they are since other CPU waits like SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD are broken out separately.


      I have my own job that collects data from sys,dm_os_wait_stats every 30 minutes. The deltas in waits that I see from my own collected data don't match what DPA is showing and I suspect "Memory/CPU" may include waits that are generally considered ignorable (for example sleep_task, waitfor, cxpacket, etc.) which I exclude in my own collection.

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          The Memory/CPU activity isn’t equivalent to a specific SQL Server wait type. It is really tracking the absence of suspensions or waits from a database perspective. Essentially Memory/CPU identifies when the query is being executed and retrieving data only from the memory cache, thus the name.



          An OS process or thread can be in any one of 3 states: running, runnable, or suspended. Running or runnable are categorized by DPA as memory/cpu. It's processing or in a processing queue (which can be observed at the OS as load average, signal waits, VM CPU Ready Time type of resource contention).


          Note: The above includes content derived from Rob Mandeville in a related article at https://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/366649#366649

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