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    Inablility to add custom Tags


      I noticed when I upgraded from 6.6.0 to 6.7.1 and 6.7.2 that my custom Tags went missing under Rules. Under the Manager Console I was able to create a Tag but cannot add any rules to the Tag. I also see no way to delete the Tag. So I thought OK they have moved it to the LEM Events Console. When you go there it leaves me with no way to even create a custom Tag. Is there plans to fix this. It makes it more difficult to find the rules I have created and are currently using. I know you can check Enabled but not all my rules are enabled all the time.

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          When migration to rules to the new console, we focused primarily on out the box tags but the ability to manage tags and create custom tags is certainly an area for future improvement as we continue to focus on the new console. When you say your custom tags went missing under Rules - did they disappear from the Flash console as well as the new console?