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    Progress tracking chart


      Has anyone found a way to chart progress for IOS upgrades? Currently I do this in Excel, and I keep asking myself why I can't do this in Solarwinds it has all the pieces? I think I just need to put them together. My current process is to run a query every week, grab and store the obtained values in an excel doc which builds a chart and then present that to management when asked.  I just need to figure out a way to store the computed value on a schedule.


      Is there a way to chart this as an interface or something of a 'fake' device?

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          Solarwinds doesn't normally keep a historical record of what image a device had at any given time.  It keeps the current value, plus the previous one, but no timestamp to chart the progress over days.  If you were feeling really fancy you could rig something up in NCM by running a daily show version and parsing that down and then using sql to count how many devices do or don't have the desired version installed on them, but unless you have a desire to get into the weeds in SQL you are probably best off just doing what you already do.

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