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    Any experience with Cloudflare DNS for HA?

    sander franken

      So I'm tasked with setting up HA for our installation, but I seem to be a little out of my depth. The situation is this:

      We have an Azure server as Main Poller in Amsterdam and an Amazon server in Frankfurt as Standby, so we're talking about multiple Subnet. Our domain is set up in Cloudflare. We also have 7 ROP's that don't need to be highly available.

      As I understand from the documentation when a fail-over occurs, the HA service will update the DNS entries directly to switch traffic to the Standby. I've spoken to someone in our IT department about this who said this can't be automated with commands in our case as we do not control the DNS server ourselves.

      When setting up the HA pool and selecting DNS type "Other", which I understand is the choice in our case a warning box appears:

      It appears as if the link in this box could help me perhaps, but it leads to the old knowledge-base site, so doesn't work anymore and I can't seem to find it on the new one.

      So if anyone knows if it is actually possible with Cloudflare and preferably knows how, please let me know!

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          So the "other" option basically means you have to come up with your own method of updating the DNS record since there is no built in way to handle it.


          You may not directly manage the DNS server in this case, but I can assure you that if your IT team reaches out to them there is some method they would use to automatically send in a request and to initiate a change on their end.  In most cases you would cook up an alert action to launch a script to get them started on the change you need.  The worst case scenario being that you have to email a request to them. But obviously something like that would make failovers extremely slow as you'd be waiting for them to get around to it.

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