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    IPAM manual scans not starting




      I have an issue with my IPAM 4.8.0 utilizing the additional scanning engine feature, as my primary engine is used for other workloads.


      When I try to initiate a manual scan of a subnet, the scan is not started, but queued with a start time of the original scheduled scanning.


      Scheduled scans are working fine.


      Please see attached screenshot for clarification.

      Manual scan not starting


      How to fix?

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          I have found that in some environments where we upgraded from versions without that feature to the ones that had it I would have to edit the subnet and specify the engineid to use for polling.  Since the value didn't exist or wasn't used in older versions it was NULL for all my subnets and jobs weren't running.


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              Thank you for your reply, but we already went through the exercise of applying the secondary poller to all subnets, as we also faced the issue of stalled scans, when no poller was defined.


              As I mentioned, we have the scheduled scans running fine now, but when I try to initiate a manual scan, that I would expect should start immediately, it doesn't.


              This morning I tried defining the Primary poller  for the subnet, and request a new manual scan, but the same happens, the job is added to the task list, but being held back, until a later time.



              Funny thing is, the 18:20 time the job is scheduled for, was exactly the same as yesterday....