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    NetApp Cluster Details - Disk down alert | Including email variable Storage shelf


      Hi All,


      Does anyone know how to include the mebers of the HA pair and the Storage shelf name inside an email alerts.



      So far I have it working just with the Cluster name and the disk name that is down. However it would be useful if I could get the HA Pair details and then which shelf its on. The information is there so I must be able to alert on it but I can't find away natively and couldn't work out the SQL to do it that way.





      This is my current email body..


      Solarwinds has detected a disk Down on


      Storage Array: ${N=SwisEntity;M=StorageArray.Name}


      Disk Name: ${N=SwisEntity;M=StorageArray.Disks} ${N=SwisEntity;M=PhysicalDiskID}