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    Oracle monitoring with Agent Polling


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get the Oracle database Application Template working for a number of Oracle servers. When I use Agentless polling, it works fine, although I do have to allow the IP address of the Orion server into my Oracle DB for this to work.


      I would really like to get this to run though the agent rather than direct from the Orion server, but I'm getting this following error when I do set it to run form the Agent:


      "Failed to find or load the registered .Net Framework Data Provider."


      Now I've done dome googling and there are some resources saying I need to install the Oracle Client on my Orion server, but that's as part of getting oracle db monitoring working in the first place, and I can monitor the DBs through Orion. So I've got a feeling that's a red herring. Any ideas on how I can fix that .net framework error above? all my servers are VMs running Server 2016 and any offline installs of .net that I can find return that .net is already fully up to date on my server.



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          We have a few of these set up (Oracle Experience Monitor being polled via Agent), but I don't recall any custom setup we had to perform beyond having the Oracle Client installed as per here:


          Oracle User Experience monitor


          If it's working agentless I'm assuming you've made it that far.


          You may want to try alternating the bitness between x64 and x86 or see if a different Oracle Driver will let it connect. Based on the error I'd guess that it's not finding the driver that it's looking for, so I would try Oracle Data Provider .NET vs Managed Oracle Data Provider, etc.


          Just to put it out there, as silly as it seems to say if you're working directly with the Oracle server, does it have the necessary drivers/dlls installed the same?