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    VMAN Licensing Question


      Hey I have a VMAN deployment in place that we currently have linked to three of our vCenter environments. I am wondering if there is a way to control what nodes we are monitoring in vCenter.




      vCenter 1

      - 2 Nodes for Dev

      - 6 Nodes for Prod

      - 1 Node for DR

      - 1 Node for Another Country (Different Country)


      vCenter 2

      - 2 Nodes for Prod (Different City)


      vCenter 3

      - 4 Nodes for Prod (Different Country)


      That is how it is setup right now. I am wondering if we have to use VMAN licenses for DEV for example as we are monitoring vCenter 1 or is there a way we can turn it off for just DEV.


      Please let me know if you need any clarification

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          You can control what shows up in VMAN by editing the permissions of the service account you to access Vcenter.  VMware permissions are extremely granular and you can list of specifically which devices the account does and does no have access to.

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