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    Advice - how best to make REST API calls when an agent is involved


      I am attempting to put a SAM monitor together for Tenable.sc.


      For monitoring the large amount of servers involved, it was decided to monitor SC server properly, and all the severs the SC manages (Nessus scanners, et)c with just a ping check.    The SC server API will be used to pull status on everything else. (since SC is managing it all already)



      The standard image for the SC server has no SNMP (it is a bit locked down) so I used a Solarwinds Agent to monitor that.  I have some nice powershell to pull the API stats down with - but with the SC server being monitored by agents, it is not possible to use powershell (or another script) to call the stats from the Orion server. 


      I have played with the Preferred Polling Method, remote/local settings to no avail (I didn't expect them to of course).


      Is there ANY way people know to run a script on the Orion server while i use an agent?


      So far my (sucky) solutions are: 1 - remove the agent and revert to ICMP monitor of the SC server  (ie not really monitor the SC)

      2 - attach the script to an unrelated server (confusing) or dummy server (I would need to hard code the SC server address, etc)


      I would be interested in trying out the new web service monitor that is in BETA but...  well still in beta.


      I also have no time to work this out, of course ;-)