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    Looking for missing SNMP locations


      I would like a report that would give me a list of all the nodes being monitored that do not have SNMP location filled out.  My OS team is not very good at filling this out and I need to show them.  I have the following products in use:Orion Platform 2019.2, IPAM 4.9.0, SRM 6.9.0, NCM 8.0, NPM 12.5, SAM 6.9.0, and NetPath 1.1.5

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          You can make something like this as a Custom Query Resource that you can then embed on a dashboard


          n.Caption AS [DEVICE]    -- Device Name
          ,n.DetailsUrl AS [_LinkFor_DEVICE]    -- Create a hyperlink to take you to the node details page
          ,n.IPAddress AS [IP ADDRESS]    -- Device Polling IP
          FROM Orion.Nodes AS [n]    -- We're querying the Orion.Nodes entity, and aliasing it as 'n'
          WHERE n.ObjectSubType = 'SNMP'    -- Only return nodes polled via SNMP
          AND n.Location = ''    -- Only return nodes with an empty SNMP Location field
          -- You can uncomment the next line and use it as to enable the Search option for the resource
          -- AND ( n.Caption LIKE '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' OR n.IPAddress LIKE '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' )


          Schema Reference: Orion.Nodes | Orion SDK Schemas

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            Worth pointing out that WMI based nodes automatically get this value from their AD Site name, so if this isn't being populated it means you are talking about Windows boxes using SNMP or linux machines.  Windows SNMP settings can be controlled via GPO so they don't have to muck around logging into servers and Linux has a sea of configuration management platforms (you could even use NCM to set them if you were feeling fancy).


            Point being, if people aren't remembering to set these things then they have many options to have it automatically done.