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    Windows event viewer log forwarder question


      Sorry if this isn’t posted in the proper place, but I believe this is the most appropriate place to post my question. In short we are forwarding event viewer events via the aforementioned tool to a Sysco server. For the most part it works as intended but there are a handful of servers I don’t know how to tackle. In short a pair of servers has a single NIC and have their own unique IP address for management but there is a VIP that floats between them. The VIP is generated in a weird fashion where in the advanced properties of TCP/IP IPv4 they have the identical VIP IP assigned as a secondary. How can I specify in the log forwarder that a specific IP be used for log forwarding regardless? 


      Similarly we have a handful of servers that have dual NICs. How can we specify a specific NIC be used for this function?  Thanks.