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    After changing NCM service account password, unable to validate archive directory locations.


      I recently changed the password of my NCM service account.  I changed it in the appropriate locations and also in Active Directory.


      I find NCM jobs that do simple CLI tasks like "write mem" work perfectly with the credentials.


      But scheduled NCM jobs to backup configs and copy them to the NCM archive share fail.


      Logs say the wrong path or password are being used.


      Reviewing the archive path on all 7 APE's I find it has defaulted to the local archive.  I cannot validate it.


      When I reconfigure to point at the network shared archive, it also will not validate.


      I've re-run the Config Wizard, rebooted the APE's.  Still failures associated with archive locations occur.


      I'm collecting diagnostics for a future ticket, but am hoping one of you might have a helpful suggestion for correcting this issue, based on your personal experience changing an NCM service account's credentials.