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    Create Alert based on Log Parser (Powershell) Result


      Hi, Im new to this forum, but have been using Solarwinds for a while. We have a requirement where our HyperV Servers is running this powershell script to see the replication status of its VM's in it; Infra team requested if we can automate this thru Solarwinds. I have some idea but dont know how to incorporate it, its something like this,

      1. I use Log Parser (PowerShell) thru SAM Template, under component monitor Named "Total number of strings found" I put in this value to look > c:\temp\replica.log*, Fail; set a test node named "Hyperv1" and it got my result;

      2. Next is how will i set up an alert to send out this report to Infra Team on a daily basis?


      hope the gurus will help me on this. TIA.