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    What is my Home Network Monthly Data Usage


      My ISP, Comcast, informed me that I exceeded the 1024 GB Monthly Plan and will be charged for additional data. Now I am monitoring my usage at Comcast's website which is not only an inconvenience but I also want to verify its accuracy. In an effort to find a solution and monitor my data I came across the free SolarWinds Real Time Monitor. I was able to install and see a list with several Interface Names in the Bandwidth Monitor like "etherCsmacd", " ieee80211",  "tunnel" and "ppp". Please help me identify and select the interface that monitors the traffic between my router and the modem. Does this summarize the pass thru data over time? I want to believe the interface I am looking for is one of the two "ppp" (Local Area Connection*  5WAN Miniport (PPPOE) (5), or the "Local Area Connection*  10RAS Async Adapter (9) ". Am I correct? Which one? I am not an IP engineer so clear, simplified answers will be appreciated.