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    Can I add McAfee Antivirus to SEM (Linux) Appliance?


      Hi Everyone,


      First time poster to these forums.


      I have the SEM Appliance running on an Industrial Control Network and I would like to add McAfee Antivirus to it. I've used Linux for years and I understand the implications of not having AntiVirus on it as well as the false-sense-of-security Linux can provide simply because it isn't an easy target. That being said, I've run Linux for >10 years without an issue. However, I don't want to mess up the installation or operation of SEM... Is it OK to load it, or should I leave it without AV protection?


      Thank y'all in advance for any advice you may be able offer me. You are all greatly appreciated!


      Thank you,


      Don Brown

      Sr. Mfg. IT Engineer