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    Windows Scheduled task status being misreported


      Hi there,


      I have a Windows scheduled task that appears to be executing properly, but is daily throwing an error in Solarwinds. I have included some screenshots. Any thoughts as to why it's not evaluating the Windows Event Logs properly? According to Windows, this event completed successfully. Environment - Windows 2012 R2. SAM 6.7.1, NPM 12.4, Orion 2018.4 HF1. It would be really great if no responses said "try upgrading". This has been going on for 2 years, which encompasses  multiple Solarwinds platforms/versions.


      Solarwinds Alert:


      Alert warning in Solarwinds


      Here are the Windows Event Log entries:

      1. Task Started

      Task started

      2. Action started

      3. Action Complete

      4. Task Complete