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    Basic Summary Report


      I need to create a monthly report showing a summary of all approved third party patches for the month. The report needs to show figures on how many machines have the updates installed and how many still need the update.


      I really don't need too much detail, just a summary preferably a pie chart or something for each approved update.


      Does anyone know how I can do this? It seems like the kid of thing that most managers would need but there doesn't seem to be a simple way of doing it.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

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          There are several reports depending on the type of detail you're after, but to my recollection you may not be able to include a chart with them directly from Patch Manager.


          If you want overall percentages of 35 machines have the package installed out of 50 total then you can run a Windows Server Update Service - Percent Intsalled report should give you the details:


          Common Patch Manager reports


          If you want to know per update per machine, I usually suggest running the Computer Update Status reports, such as "Computer Update Status Approved Updates Not Installed".


          You can also run some similar reports from the Orion Console:


          Generate Patch Manager reports in the Orion Web Console