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    Storage Manager?


      So, I am slightly confused.

      We have a product called Storage Manager. The license is good for 300 disks.


      Is this the same product? (Storage Resource monitor and Storage Manager)?



      Is it true that it is; or can be, integrated into my main Orion installation?



      I have the following products: (copy/pasted from the bottom of my site)

      Orion Platform 2019.2, NPM 12.5, LA 2.1, VMAN 8.5.0, SAM 6.9.0


      So, my next question is, which installer?

      I am looking at this page here: SRM 6.9 Release Notes

      Under New Customer Installation, it states:

      "Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously in your environment."

      So, do I need the SRM Installer? or just the orion installer?


      Is this the route I should take? Just run the installer (which installer?) on my "orion" server (or the server with NPM and SAM)?





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          Most likely the Storage Manager that you have is basically an old version that's minimally supported now.  It has since been replaced by SRM (storage resource monitor)




          Basically you just install SRM on your Orion instance, any current Orion installer should have the check box option under additional products to add SRM to the Orion instance.  They are looking at a lot of the same things but there is not explicitly a migration process per se, you would just need to set SRM up again as basically a totally new tool.  I've known people who got really used to the old product and preferred it over the new one, but I find them to basically do the same thing for me as long as you know where to look in both products.  Main benefit to the new one is they keep adding compatible arrays whereas the old tool is frozen in time and will never support anything that it doesn't already do, and that hardware is getting to be pretty stale by now.

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