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    WPM Recorder Installation on a User's Machine


      Do all WPMs have to be created on the poller?


      Do all WPMs have to be ran from a poller?


      I am having trouble finding this documentation.

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          No, WPM 3.0 recorders do not have to be created or ran from a poller.  I have a WPM recorder installed on my Win 10 PC that I use for testing and building transactions.  Once I have a transaction built that I like and I have buy off from a customer I move the transaction to a dedicated WPM player in our data center.  At no point in time do we play the transactions on a polling engine. 


          When you launch the Web Transaction Recorder from a system it simply asks for the IP or hostname of your Orion system and then a username and password.  Assuming all of the required ports are open the 2 systems communicate and everything simply works. 


          On a side note.... I created a dedicated local WPM Recorder Account in our Solarwinds environment.  Any user that wants to build their own transaction can use this account, with the caveat that they use this account and don't share this with other people.  Once I have the agreement from the end user I send them the WPM 3.0 recorder software to install on their own PC's and I teach  how to build their own transactions.  Once they have the transactions built the way they like I move the transactions over to the dedicated WPM player. 


          The glory of using this dedicated WPM Recorder Account is, the transaction is tied to the local account.  I don't have to worry if the end-user leaves, their account is compromised or whatever.  This local account is restricted to WPM only so I don't have to worry about security, limitations or anything like that.