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    Alert on Registration Status


      Hello there.


      I'm trying to set up an alert that will notify when particular phones go into any state other than registered. Right now we're doing this by adding the MAC address of each phone into the alert and monitoring the status. This becomes very unwieldy due to the large number of MAC addresses we're working with. Is there a better way to get this data?

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          Is there something in the phone name that in the alert you could use a contains or start with statement?

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              Unfortunately, no. Our naming scheme didn't allow for something like that. I did find a solution though. I created a Custom SWQL Alert, and set the SWQL condition to VOIP Phone. Then added this as the statement.


              WHERE (Name LIKE 'SEPXXXXXXXXX'

              OR Name LIKE 'SEPXXXXXXXXX'

              OR Name LIKE 'ATAXXXXXXXXX')

              AND Name NOT IN

              (SELECT Name

              FROM Orion.IpSla.CCMPhones

              WHERE Status = 2)


              I was forced to do a SWQL alert because I found that if I just tried to alert off of the 'Status' of the phone that it wouldn't compare the Status of a phone in multiple call managers. This made the alert quite unreliable as there were multiple results in the database (Up to four - one for each call manager) and from what I can see it only evaluated the first result for each phone.