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    SW Config Wizard after AG Setup.




      I have a quick question regarding the solarwinds configuration wizard after creating the Basic AG in SQL Server for the database replication.


      We have two HA Pools, one for Main Poller and one for Additional Poller.


      Prior to running the configuration wizard on the 'active' members to point to the AG Listener for the DB Instance on SQL, do i have to do anything with the HA Pools?


      I'm sure that part of the configuration wizard restarts the services and such would this not then cause the standby members to become active and therefore affect the wizard that is running?


      What is the correct method and process for updating all of the members, active and standby so that they all now point to the AG listener.





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          David Smith

          HA and AG work independently, so each of your HA Pool Members (Active/Standby) will point to the AG Listener when you run the configuration wizard. If the HA Fails over then it continues to use the AG Listener and connect to the Active Node.


          If your AG Fails from Node 1 to Node 2, then the SolarWinds should continue to communicate with the AG Listener which will, in turn, be communicating with the Secondary SQL Node.


          Maybe someone who is more familiar with SQL and AG Groups can confirm or correct what I've said.

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