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    Alarm Severity Variability


      Use case: I try to leverage Orion General Thresholds for most of my basic monitors to keep them consistent and allow the ability to override on a per node/volume instance.


      Problem: Is there a way to have a variable alert severity?  Currently I have to generate two (or more) alerts to have multiple severities.  EX: CPU/Disk usage above x(warning threshold) or above y(critical threshold).


      Orion global thresholds and SAM components have places for specifying the Critical/Warning thresholds.  Is it possible to have one alert that assumes the severity of the threshold?




      From Orion General Thresholds;


      From SAM:


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          Nope, the severity is hard coded into the alert.  The other common spot where it would be nice to have things be a bit more flexible is the alert trigger times, x must be true for y minutes.  Unfortunately both of them are static and cannot be changed without creating a new alert.


          I have to admit, I have been subscribing to the school of "there are no warnings" when it comes to my alert messages.  Anything that falls into a traditional warning range gets pushed off to a once a day report that shows which devices breached their warning thresholds, and for how long.  Actual alerts only go out when there is an actionable issue that requires immediate human intervention for my environments.