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    Maximum number of computers



      Since a few weeks only 100 entries are displayed in DRS in the tree on the left side under "Computers", although more are registered in the network. Under "Workstations" 213 entries are listed. What is the reason?

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          We have the same issue, "Computers" and "Users" (under Microsoft Windows Network) only show max 100 entries. We run version of DRS. It started recently. The first report of this behaviour was the very next day after the AD-server (Windows Server 2016) got the WSUS updates for 2019-07 and was rebooted. Lots of people are on vacation at the moment so can't tell for certain if someone noticed this before reboot but the feeling is that it started after.

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            that is indeed quite unfortunate.  However, Dameware is not really used for Computer Inventory.  It would be best if you can create a saved host list instead.

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                Sorry, but I think this shouldn't be the solution. It has been worked for years and we used it daily. Now we can't use it any longer (except for the first 100 computers/users). What can be the reason that it doesn't work anymore? Is an update from Microsoft really the problem, as fredrik_stridh suspects?


                I think it would be best to fix this instead of permanently using a workaround

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                The same here. Only 100 entries in "Computers" and "Users". We run Version Same issue on three Computers with different OS.


                Please fix this!