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    Device template for a Sophos XG Firewall


      Dear All,


      I want to manage my configurations on a Sophos XG Firewall using NCM. I have looked for existing Device templates, but neither Solarwinds nor here in the Thwack community I was able to find one.

      So I'm trying to create my own and run into the following issues:


      1) When I telnet to the Sophos Firewall I get prompted for a Password rather than a Username




      2) After logging in I get a Menu before I get to the console:




      I am getting confused which (Pre) commands to use to arrive at the device console


      Does anyone already have a device template for Sophos or can give me directions as to how configure it?


      Thanks much, John

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          I have played around with the Sophos SG a bit, and found that the config is not really displayed over SSH in a format, that NCM can properly understand.

          Can you list the commands with screenshots how you would obtain the config on the XG?

          Maybe the XG is a bit more friendly than the SG.

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              From the web interface you can export/import the (Selective) configuration files resulting in a .tar file containing XML.




              These XML files would be readable by NCM and a good base to check on differences and select which version to import to restore a "good" situation.


              I have looked for possibilities to run the export from the console/Advanced Shell and the location of the config files on the Sophos firewall, but have not found any

              So I know what I want, but not how to get it. I guess no one else before me did either