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    Trending / Current Hogs by User


           I'm positive I'm not the first to ask this, but I spent about 20 minutes looking for the answer must have lost my ability to search today...


      Can someone point me to instructions on how to filter DPA dashboards by username that's running the SQL? I don't want to exclude stuff from the normal view, I just want to be able to zoom in on what a particular user is running.



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          What database engine are you looking at? SQL/Oracle/etc.?


          If SQL, then when you are in an instance, you can filter a couple of ways:

          Users running SQL against a specific database:

          • Click on Databases tab, then click on a day. In the upper left, you will see an interval drop down - choose 1 day. Click on the single vertical bar.
          • Now within that day, you can click on the database you want, then switch the tab to DB Users, then click on any of those users to see what SQL they ran for that day.

          If you don't want to specify a database, then skip the click on databases tab - skip to go into a day, then interval to 1 day, click in and now look at DB Users tab.



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              Edit: Yes I'm in SQL Server.


              Admin has already filtered my view to the DB for our team, but basically I like the way I can drill down by time slice to the sql id from the normal tabs, but I don't like the way it drills down from the User tab. It isn't the same. What I want is to see the main normal dashboards, but have them filtered to only show sql being ran by a specific user. So I can zoom in and monitor the performance of my stuff, and other team members can get in and check out their stuff.