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    IPAM : swql request with several fields to be entered by user (need ur help!)




      First of all, hello everybody ! i need your help coz i just bought an IPX license for solarwinds IPAM and i am facing an issue.

      I need to make a request in the front page (not a report) that search through the database free subnets with several custom fields to be entered by the users.


      For exemple:  search free subnets which have the following specifications: CIDR = xxx AND status = "yyy" AND location " zzz "

      ==> I can manage to have only one free field that a user


      Request SWQL:

      SELECT s.Location, s.Address, s.CIDR, s.VLAN, c.Zone, c.Etat, GroupId FROM IPAM.GroupsCustomProperties c


      IPAM.subnet AS s ON c.groupId = s.SubnetId

      where s.CIDR LIKE '${SEARCH_STRING}' AND s.location LIKE "PARIS"  AND c.Status LIKE 'LIBRE'

      order by s.location


      ==> so i need hundred of requests if i can have only one free fileds on a swql request


      Sorry for the difficulty to explain my problem.. i dont know very well the software.. !