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    Newb with an Alert Logic question


      Hi, everyone. This looks like a great place to ask a burning question, so I guess I'll just dive right in.


      My organization recently got SolarWinds. I've created three alerts for the front page summary of Orion:


      Servers Down

      Servers with low disk space remaining

      Servers with high memory usage


      But since there is limited real estate on the display screen, how can I combine the three into a single alert? In other words, I want it to basically be:


      IF a server is down, display it


      IF a server has low disk space remaining, display it


      IF a server has high memory usage, display it


      So instead of three separate alerts, I want ONE alert that will display any of the three above conditions. I can't seem to get the logic right; I wind up with either every server listed regardless of condition or nothing listed, even though I know that some servers meet the condition.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Short of using custom SQL/SWQL you could not create all three conditions in the same alert because the target object of the alert is different.  Node status and Node memory utilization could be combined since they both have a target object of Nodes, but disk volumes are a separate entity in Orion and an alert can normally only be pointed at a single object type.


          I'm going to go ahead and try to get ahead of you here though, this model you are trying to build is likely to become a real pain to maintain.  You will be MUCH better off just keeping those as three separate alerts and maybe adding some simple widgets to the page like the down nodes list, and top xx volumes by percent used or top xx nodes by percent memory used.  You can add filters to those widgets that match up to your thresholds as well, like only showing nodes that have memory above 90% (percentmemoryused > 90) or whatever else to keep the list tight.


          Ultimately there is a LOT that could be done, but given that you and your company are brand new to using Solarwinds I don't want to throw you into the deep end right out of the gate.  Better to start with simple out of the box widgets at least initially.

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