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    Log Analyzer 2.0 - Custom Processing Rules disappeared for now reason


      Hi Everyone,


      did anyone encountered some strange behavior of the LA 2.0 dropping ALL of the custom rules created? I have a customer which currently sits on Orion Plattform 2018.4 HF3 with several modules installed including the LA 2.0


      It was working for weeks/months and then for some reason all custom processing rules are no where to find. Not in the database, not in the webinterface, not via swis-api. No logs has been dropped, the tags are also still there. Also the alerts triggered by the custom rules are still present, but now have one of the out-of-the-box rules assigned.


      I did recreate the rules, but last week it happened again. Systems had no crashes, no rollbacks, no upgrades (only windows updates), no database issues - noting i can relate this behavior too.


      Any feedback is appreaciated.