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    Dameware MRC Permission Required Problem


      Since some week, we have massive problems with our Dameware MRC Configuration.



      Although everything is set correct (Registry HKLM via GPO/GPP), Dameware asks for an "Accept".

      In the registry you can see, "Permission Required = 0" and also in the Settings dialoag, everything seems to be correct.



      In the Tasktray you see always "Permission Required" - see screenshots.If we restart the service, it is working for some seconds. After 5-10 seconds, Dameware shows "Dameare is reconfiguring" and instant it switches to "Permission Required".


      Dameware MRC Version: (Hotfix 1) - Also tested with Hotfix 2: Same Problem

      Windows Version Windows 10 - 1803 (v17134) - 64-bit



      Does somebody have an idea?


      BR Thomas