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    Solar-PuTTY shutting down session when script runs.


      Hello All,

      I was using MTPuTTY which has a separate tab for scripts, I heard about Solar-PuTTY and as we use Solarwinds in my job and the reviews were good I thought I'd test it out. So far so good and I really like it, but I came across a problem...

      When I created a new session that needed a script, I created the script as a .txt file and mapped to it using the browse button, it runs the script but then immediately SHUTS DOWN the connection.

      How can I stop it shutting down the session?

      The point of the script is to type commands that change directories etc, so allow me to get to where I can do certain tasks, but if Solar-PuTTY keeps shutting down the session it's unusable and I will have to stick with MTPuTTY, which is a shame as I really liked it so far.

      I called the Solarwinds support line but I was told they don't support free tools, so I hope to get the answer here.

      Can anyone please help?

      Thanks and kind regards,