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    Cisco WLC backup started failing


      i've been using CatTools for years to backup my Cisco WLC.  last week i built a new server and migrated my cattools installation there and now i get the following message from both my WLCs when i try to back them up.


      Using TFTP Default address:


      naturally this spins until timeout and fails with the job stating


      TFTP Backup failed: error with commands or TFTP file not found


      i'm not sure why this all of a sudden started happening.  the only real difference is that the new server is in a different Vlan and has a different IP address than the old server does.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      I have tried to manually run the upload from the controllers to the new server and this works just fine. 


      CatTools ver. 3.11.0

      WLC Version