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    Count processes - IPMonitor


      I need to monitor the number of specific process on a server where i have limited concurrent user license for an application.


      Multiple users login to the application & the task manager on the server shows "ntbshell" as process name for each user. I can count these processes using batch file countbshell.bat as following :


      @echo off

      Powershell.exe @(Get-Process -Name ntbshell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue).Count



      However, i need to automate it through IPMonitor to prompt us if the active users exceeds a certain number. Any help would be appreciated.

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          This is one of the ways we do it: (we also have bat files and perl versions)


          You need to exit the PowerShell script as per below example - setting the exit code to be either the actual number of processes - or do the compare in the script. Below is part of a PowerShell script we use for running process checking.


          The monitor type is external script where you invoke PowerShell to run a script and you use the compare process return code to match what you want from the script. I have included a pic so you can see how we do it.


          We use non-standard return codes so we know that the script is setting them - allows us to pick up when PowerShell goes weird and returns zero.


          #If the contents are string "true", exit with a success code, anything else prompts an exit with failure code.

          if ($content -eq $true) {

              Write-Host "True"