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    VOIP monitoring

      SolarWinds has heard requests for additional VoIP monitoring. We'd like to hear more from customers interested in VOIP monitoring.

      Some questions to consider:

      1. What are the specific problems that would be solved by a VOIP monitoring tool?

      2. Which VOIP statistics would be most valuable to monitor?

      3. What kind technology are you using for VOIP (e.g., SIP-compliant)?

      Please speak up. Let us know if you're really interested because we'll be conducting some individual interviews on the subject soon.

      Denny LeCompte
      Sr. Product Manager, Orion

      Denny LeCompte
      Sr. Product Manager, Orion
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          we are using audiocodes equipment with SIP protocol , we need to monitor the sip logs , bandwidth of RTP and SIP , reasons to disconnect calls - errors ...
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            certainly would be beneficial to be able to monitor the cisco voip phones themselves.
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              We are a DSL MegaHost (ISP) and VoIP provider to small businesses...

              We use many routers, and switches, and such...

              One core piece of equipment we use is an Image Stream ATM concentrator.  We tie in our core bandwidth pipe from Qwest on one "end" and port each DSL customer through this piece of equipment.  It does not supoport direct SNMP I am told.  We'd really like to monitor it's ports and bandwidth though.  Graphing usage trends is critical. It has some built in monitoring, and we get some from Qwest on their end.

              Any ideas welcome.

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                We are a satellite, network and VoIP provider. We utilize Cisco, AudioCodes, Microsoft and other UC solutions. We are also interested in utilizing Solarwinds to monitor AudioCodes appliances. We currently use Solarwinds NPM, NCM and IP SLA. More built in VoIP intelligence for big player SBC monitoring would nice in the future. Does Solarwinds have package for monitoring Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, Genband and/or Acme Packet SBCs? I know how to do through SNMP using the Universal Device Pollers.

                Peter Casanave
                PCI Lead Technical Architect  
                Proactive Communications, Inc