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    THWACKcamp 2019 - Prize Ideas


      Help us gift you with things you WANT!


      Comment below with ideas for our THWACKcamp 2019 prizes.


      From Amazon gift cards, to gaming laptops, to wireless headphones- what did you like last year and how can we wow you this year?


      We’re all ears!



      Learn more about the event here: THWACKcamp 2019 Registration Is Now Open!

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          I have an idea if these are live presentations and not pre-recorded...


          Short description: Fly an attendee out after the first day to participate in a presentation on the second day.

          Long description: On the first day in the morning you could present an idea or topic to the participants that they might like to get hands-on experience with. Provide a way for them to enter a lottery if they are interested and available to travel to the broadcast location. Early afternoon on the first day you would draw the name, contact them, and arrange for their travel and accommodations. The second day they could see behind-the-scenes and participate in a presentation. Fly them back that night.

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            This is only a small giveaway but what about a phone fan? Or even a desk USB fan. And more funky socks. I love my Solarwinds socks and you can never have too many socks I say.

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              How about some of the followig:

              ipad, iwatch, beats wired headphones, usb thumbdrive,

              dell latitude laptop, solarwinds tshirt, best buy gift card,

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                ThwackCamps are all about inclusiveness of the entire community!!


                The idea of distributing the giveaways to a chosen few geographies does not align well with the above. I do understand the challenges that the Camp organizers face when opening this out to the rest, but there must be a way


                Can someone explore e-Vouchers, Gift Cards or similar options for the rest. Actually it may be a better option for the geo's already covered too.


                I am sure this idea will resonate well with the community and really make ThwackCamps an additional reason to look forward to. It definitely is a much awaited learning & exploring event.

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                  Samsung gear, wireless Samsung headphones, USB encrypted thumb drive, 1 year free any 1 SolarWinds module we want unlimited license,  Surface Pro, iPad Pro, 32" curved monitor, Drone, goPro hero 9, 50,000 Thwack points, clothes, jacket, poncho, all Thwack branded.  

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                    Here are some ideas for giveaway prizes:

                    quality sunglasses, wireless headphones, Yeti drinkware, powerbank, android tablet

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                      Bobbleheads of one of the head geeks - any and all will do!!!