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    MIB Viewer API - Excel add-in SNMP functions

      I have successfully installed and run the Excel add-in and it's working nicely for specific OIDs.

      I'm using this so that I can get inventory information, but the challenge I'm running into is on things like Serial Number;
      >> not being the same OID on all device types.

      My question is, with the add-in are there other functions besides SNMP_GET?

      I was thinking of putting a VBA subroutine together, to get a particular parent OID and then read down through it's sub ids (.1, .2, ...) until I find the first non-blank, which appears to always be the serial number of the unit. So I'm thinking SNMP_GETNEXT (but that didn't work).

      ** Are there other SNMP functions besides SNMP_GET?
      ** Any suggestions or other ways to get this done?


      Is there a way to invoke the MIB Viewer API from VBSCRIPT, but supress the GUI - so that the returned OID values are accessbile to the script?