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    Database Size

      When the size of the SWNetPerfMon.cfg file gets to be around 1.5-2GB in size it appears that my installation of Solarwinds Engineers Edition stops collecting and wants to run database maintenance. I was wondering if their was a way to increase the size of the database or automatically run the compact job if the SWNetPerfmon.cfg hits a certain size. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          There are several topics on the forum concerning the fact that the automated compacting feature has been "removed" from the supported features list. Solarwinds offered the Project Management Edition to replace the desktop Access database with SQL server which would greatly help with this problem.

          I tried to automate the process with some mouse&keyboard macros and after I had failed miserably, i gave up and asked my reseller for the price of the PME. I've just learned that the PME is no longer supported after this year.

          I agree with Bryan that the database issue should be solved and the Orion's success can't be dependable on the EE's support. For our network, the Orion does not bring that much extra features that my company would like to spend around 10k€ just to upgrade the EE a bit. If the compact worked well in the previous versions, isn't it even illegal to remove this kind of vital feature from the software to boost up Orion's sales?