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    Spread the Word - Solarwinds


      I have been asked in the past how do you stay on top of everything.  I generally answer with a quip 'solarwinds'.  Some people leave scratching their heads, other nod as if they understand and sometimes, I get people that ask what I mean.  At which point I show them one of my many shirts or socks, and take them to the website and explain a little bit about SAM.  Which is what I tend to use the most.

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          I am relatively new to Solarwinds in my new role as NOC Manager. However, I am taking the training at a fairly fevered pitch and really getting a lot out of THWACK.


          That being said, The guys that work for me are serious Solarwinds users and are constantly touting SW for everything we need to do on the network...and I am QUICKLY becoming a fanboy!