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    Script for EnhancedPing


      I use EnhancedPing to monitor some data connections to other sub company's.
      Looks great and I have this graph on a large status display in my office so I can see the statuses al the time.

      But after a couple of hours the application locks completely
      I than have to restart the application and configure al my settings again because you cant save the custom options in the profile?
      Now I use the example scripts that I found on this site, but I can't find any more information to customise the scripts and settings I can use?

      I want to script the following actions is this possible, if yes do you have some example script or manual with al the possibilities?

      General tab
           Border style
           Font size
           Grid lines
      Plot tab
           Mark datapoints
           Plot style
      Color tab
           Graph attributes
           Quik styles
      Style tab
           Point type
           Line type

      I Also want to remove the toolbar and statusbar with the script.

      Thanks in advance

      Kind regards