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    Scanning network gets "stuck"

    Craig Norborg

      We have a network management subnet that I went ahead and scanned, its a /16, but there aren't a whole lot of nodes on it.   I've tried doing it as one big /16, during which it found 1000 nodes and did 340655 requests, at which point it seemed to hang there.  I let it go for about a day, but didn't seem to budge on those numbers - although I would swear the "last discovered" IP would change.


      I finally gave up the next day and hit "Cancel" at which point it looks like all the data it might have found simply went away?   I would love if it would save the data as it goes rather than simply discarding it.   


      So I ran another discovery over the same /16, but I divided it into /19's to make the individual pieces smaller.  I also told it to not to use bridge tables, thinking that would speed things up.  Its now been at 1001 nodes (gained 1?!)  and 340598 requests made for quite some time.   I'll leave it go for another day or so, but this seems a bit unusual.


      Is there a better strategy for going about this?    Only doing subnet scanning, using one other SNMP community than the 2 default (public/private).  Most of the devices are Cisco or Arista switches with LLDP turned on.


      Any logs I should look at?


      Would be great if you could do scans in the background while still working with the product.   Windows server 2016, latest patches, 16Gb of RAM, only thing on the server but Norton.  I did set Norton to not scan the files associated with the application.