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    Something bad happened.


      When I add a password to my credentials for a session, it will connect maybe once (if I'm lucky).


      Then afterwards, I get an error page "Something bad happened." with a blue button to Reconnect.


      If I remove the password from the credentials, it works every single time. Except I have to type the password in (of course).


      Re-add the password, and get the same issue.


      Password is 24 characters long, only alpha-numeric characters (no special chars).


      Any ideas?

        • Re: Something bad happened.

          2019-05-21 11:18:27,844 [26596-1] DEBUG [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.TabBase.Activate] - Activating selected tab WPSandbox (0)

          2019-05-21 11:18:27,845 [26596-1] DEBUG [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.PuttyTabViewModel.FocusPutty] - Focusing putty...

          2019-05-21 11:18:27,887 [26596-12] DEBUG [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.PuttyTabViewModel.StartPutty] - New Putty process: 27304

          2019-05-21 11:18:29,573 [26596-6] DEBUG [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.MainWindowBase.RemoveTabWithExitedProcess] - Process ID 27304 has exited with code -1073741819.

          2019-05-21 11:18:29,574 [26596-12] ERROR [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.PuttyTabViewModel.StartPutty] - Connect failed

          System.InvalidOperationException: Process has exited, so the requested information is not available.

             at System.Diagnostics.Process.EnsureState(State state)

             at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_MainWindowHandle()

             at SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.PuttyTabViewModel.StartPutty()

          2019-05-21 11:18:29,574 [26596-1] INFO  [SolarWindsSSH.ViewModel.PuttyTabViewModel.<ShowTerminalInMainWindow>b__60_0] - Scale factor = 0